What do we need to provide?

Since the food is made at the moment, the villa/vacation rental where you are staying must have an equipped kitchen, as well as kitchen equipment, plates, silverware, glasses, napkins, etc. On the day of the service, it is necessary to leave space on the counters, as well as to have the sink clean and empty.

What if the stove is small or there is no oven?

In this case, the menus will be adapted to the capacities of the kitchen.

What happens if the villa/vacation rental does not have enough plates, silverware or so?

We have the option of renting with additional cost and it will be quoted according to the needs.

Who sets the table?

If it’s a basic setup, the chef can do it. If the waiter service has also been hired, they would be in charge of it.

Besides cooking, what else is part of the service?

The service offered is similar to that of a restaurant, the chef will cook and serve the food at the table, then collect and clean the kitchen according to the standard in which it was received. 

In case of requiring beverage/drinks service, it is necessary to hire a bartender or waiter.

How long do breakfast, lunch, or dinner services last?

The service time may vary depending on the menu and the number of people. Usually, the chef will arrive 1 or 2 hours before to prepare the food.

Do I have to choose the menu for my entire stay in advance?

Not necessarily though, we need to know in advance the menu of the first service, then you can talk directly with the chef to plan the next ones according to your needs.

Can each group member choose different menu combinations?

No, our service is based on a set menu chosen in advance in order to give you the best in terms of food and service. However, we make exceptions if any of the people in the group have some type of food restriction.

Do you have a children’s menu?

Yes, we do have a special menu for children which you can see in our menu section.

Do you have vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options?

Totally! In our menu section, you can find some of the options we offer.

What if I want something that is not on the menus you offer?

The menus we offer are informative, we will always do our best to meet the tastes of our customers, taking into account the restrictions of local products.

Can you pair food with wine?

Yes, the chef can combine the entire menu around wine or combine each individual dish with a wine. In case you want to do it with a special wine, the chef can create a complete menu based on it.

Can you provide the wine?

Yes, however, the wine is not included in the cost of the service, so it has an additional cost.

Do you offer cooking classes?

Of course! Get in touch with us to be able to offer you more information about it.

Can you do events like cocktails?

Of course! However, these are quoted in a different way, if you are interested, contact us for more information.

Are the products with which the chef prepares the food included in the price?

No, the products are not included. Once you have chosen the menu(s) you want for your stay, our concierge will send you the shopping list with the necessary products to prepare the food so you can buy them before the date of the requested service. You should make sure to buy all the products on the list sent, as the chef is not responsible for missing ingredients.

Can you do grocery shopping?

Of course! If you prefer, we can take care of buying the necessary products which will be of the best quality available. The cost of the service is 15% of the total purchase receipts.

Is it necessary to give money in advance for grocery shopping?

It is not necessary but it is recommended to do so, in this case, an approximate amount would be requested based on the selected menu.

Are the tips included in the price of the service?

Tips are not included or mandatory but are always appreciated

We suggest 15% of the total amount, it can be in any payment method that we offer such as cash, credit card, or wire transfer.

In case of cancellation, is it possible to get a refund?

Our cancellation policies are the following:

45 days before the service, 100% refund

30 days before the service,  50% refund

15 days before the service, the refund  does not apply