Chef at home

Delight your palate with exquisite meals in the comfort of your vacation rental, we take care of everything you need so that you enjoy the time of relaxation and fun with your family and friends.


If you want even more comfort during your vacations, this service is the one you need, because besides tasting excellent food, you and your family will have much more personalized assistance, focused on serving and removing delicious dishes as well as preparing and serving simple drinks.


Savoring refreshing non-alcoholic drinks, classic cocktails, or highly mixed drinks in the privacy and comfort of your vacation rental is also possible.

Tequila / Mezcal Tasting

Tequila and mezcal are one of the most representative and traditional beverages in Mexico and tasting them are one of the best experiences you can have as it will help you rediscover their flavor and learn more about these agave elixirs.